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  CPA Mortgage LLC Realtor Connection - Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Are you looking for a qualified realtor? How about a realtor with a law degree? Homebuyers pay no commission and sellers can reduce their costs substantially. Write to us at or call 720-261-7331 and we will connect you to the best.

Real estate investmentMany people donít know how easy it is to become a real estate investor. You may want to consider investing in real estate and earn monthly income from rental activity. A professional realtor will manage the property and a qualified CPA will provide the accounting. With a minimum of $50,000 you may become an owner of a rental real estate property. For more information e-mail us at or call 720-261-7331 and we will keep you informed of any available properties that deserve your attention.


CPA Mortgage LLC
Colorado License Number LMB100008528
NMLS # 266981
Tel. 720-261-7331, fax. 1-866-511-8809
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